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Water storage tanks

KP Concrete water tanksSelecting a site

Try to locate your tanks away from the immediate vicinity of buildings to allow for future expansion and easy access for the Fire Service in the event of fire. Gone are the days when tanks are placed close to the house and down pipes are run through the air. A few extra lengths of pipe now is less expensive than moving the tanks later. Rainwater is one of the few commodities that is free so plan to collect rain water from all roof areas, existing and proposed.

Site Preparation 

K P Concrete, manufacturers of quality water tank systems, are happy to provide advice on tank location and site preparation especially for difficult or sloping sites. A site inspection is available at no cost to intending purchasers. The site chosen is to be on virgin soil, flat and level and 4.1 metres square. On this area spread a 100 mm thickness of GAP 7 metal. This equates to approximately 1.5 cubic metres. For sites where the tank is to be partially buried, care must be taken to ensure that the bottom of the site is well drained to prevent flotation of the tank when it is empty.


Gross Capacity 22,600 litres; Weight 7260kg

Standard Fittings

  1. Inlet 90 x 3KP Concrete tanks Kumeu
  2. Inlet 110 x 3
  3. Overflow 80mm x 2
  4. Aux. Inlet/outlet 32mm x 1
  5. Outlet 32mm and drainage plug


Cleaning and maintenance

BurnettsWe recommend Burnetts Water Tank Cleaning Services to keep your tank in good working order. Click here to visit their website

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